Vocal Range: C3 – C6 (Belt to C5)
Height: 5’5”


 An American in Paris - USA                    Madame Baurel              Big League Productions                              Jeffrey Moss
 My Fair Lady – USA & Canada              Mrs. Pearce                       Big League Productions                              Jeffrey Moss
 My Fair Lady – China, Singapore        Mrs. Pearce                       Big League Productions                             Jeffrey Moss
Guys & Dolls – USA                                    General Cartwright        Big League Productions                             Jeffrey Moss
The Odyssey Experience - Ireland         Athena                                Baboro International Arts Festival        Christopher Parks
A Christmas Carol - USA & Canada      Mrs. Fezziwig                   Troupe America, Inc.                                  Pete Colburn
Always, Patsy Cline – TN, WV                Louise                                 Cumberland Co. Playhouse                       Terry Schwab
Smoke on the Mountain***                    June Sanders                    Cumberland Co. Playhouse**                 Rhonda Wallace
***(Toured entire trilogy) **(company member – 3 years)


Clockwork Child (Zoom Reading)    Ada Lovelace                   Rapture Theatre                                         Megan Jacobs
Bye Bye Birdie                                          Mae Peterson                  Pioneer Summer Theater                       John Galas
Romeo & Juliet                                        Lady Capulet                    Pioneer Summer Theater                       Emily Heugatter
Mamma Mia!                                           Donna                                 Troy University Theatre                          Tori Lee Averett
The Three Musketeers**                     Porthos                               Birmingham Children’s Theater         Brandon Bruce
The Last Goodbye                                   Lady Capulet                    NYC Workshop                                            Alex Timbers
The Rover                                                  Callis/Musician               New York Classical Theatre                  Karin Coonrod
Henry IV, Part I                                        Mistress Quickly            Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey   Joseph Discher
Annie!                                                        Miss Hannigan                Prizery Theatre                                           Chris Jones
Steel Magnolias                                      Truvy                                   Derby Dinner Playhouse                         Jim Hesselman
Comedy of Errors                                   Adriana/Angelo/etc.      Playhouse on Park                                    Will Ditterline
Beauty and the Beast                            Mme. Grand Bouche     Cumberland Co. Playhouse                    Jim Crabtree
**Fight Choreography - Alexis Black


Medal of Victory** Jean Warehouse District Productions Joshua Moise
Artificial I - Test Professor Troy Cinematography Society Hope Rangel
Death of the Cool Sukie 419 Productions John Heeg
**Distribution on Amazon Prime


MFA – Acting – Ohio University - 2010
Acting: Shelley Delaney, David Haugen
Voice: Laura Parroti, Brian Evans
Movement: Rebecca VerNooy

BA – Theatre - University of Tennessee, Knoxville – 1999 
Voice: Andrew Wentzel; Kay Paschal

GLMCC – Michael Chekhov Physical Acting Technique - Certified Teacher Training Program, 2018: Mark Monday


Dialects: British RP, Cockney, Irish, French, German, Southern American, New York
Vocal Music: Soprano II, Sight reads music/Harmony, Alto Choral Experience– 30 years
Instruments: French Horn – 6 years/Rhythm Mandolin – 10 years/Various Percussion/Other instruments
Dance: Tap – 2 years, Jazz – 5 years, General “Mover” – 25 years
SAFD: Certified Actor/Combatant, 2001 - (Unarmed, Quarterstaff, Rapier & Dagger, Broadsword, Knife, Single Sword)
Misc. American Sign Language – Student - Level I; Juggling (3 rings/balls); 3x Half-Marathon Finisher